8 Fantastic vegan milk options and their benefit

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By Lavkush S.

The healthy fats in almond milk may help with weight loss as well as maintenance. 

1) Almond milk

Cashew milk has a somewhat nutty flavor and can be used in cooking and baking. The fat in this product is primarily unsaturated fat, making it an excellent alternative 

2) Cashew milk

Oat milk has recently seen a boom in popularity, as it checks several boxes in terms of sustainability. 

3) Oat milk

Soy milk, filled with protein and less fat, is the top dairy milk alternative out there. 

4) Soy milk

Rice milk is considered to offer numerous health advantages due to its naturally occurring antioxidants, as well as being thought to enhance metabolism. 

5) Rice milk

Although coconut milk lacks nutritional value, it does make an excellent substitute in hot chocolates 

6) Coconut milk

macadamia milk contains more fat and less sugar than almond milk, it is a superior choice for Keto as well as Paleo diet enthusiasts. 

7) Macadamia nut milk

One cup of pea milk contains eight grams of protein and is nut-free for individuals who are allergic to soy as well as other nut-based milk. 

8) Pea milk

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8 Fantastic vegan milk options and their benefit