Why Wait 90 Minutes to Drink Coffee? 

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For many of us, that first sip of coffee in the morning is pure magic. 

The secret lies in waiting 90 minutes after waking up before reaching for that mug 

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The 90-Minute Window: During the first 90 minutes after waking, your body is already producing cortisol, a natural wakefulness hormone.  

Drinking coffee too early can interfere with this natural rhythm, leading to a crash later in the day.

Benefits of the 90-Minute Rule: Reduced Caffeine Dependence: Over time, relying on coffee first thing in the morning can lead to tolerance

requiring more and more to achieve the same effect. Waiting 90 minutes helps your body rely on its natural wakefulness mechanisms 

Improved Sleep: By avoiding caffeine late in the day, you set yourself up for better sleep. 

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This, in turn, leads to better energy levels and mood throughout the day.

Is the 90-Minute Rule for Everyone? While the science is compelling, it's important to remember that individual needs vary. 

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